Coaching-The Pathway to Excellence and Holistic Life.

ICF Past President, Ececutive Coach Janet Harvey, MCC says, “ Your greatest gift to your client is that you bring your authentic self so they do as well. That you being vulnerable to allow something not yet known to emerge, so that the client will trust that it’s ok to experiment and take risk. Eventually with coaching practice coaching practice, I am presenting my generative wholeness in front of my clients and enjoying the every bit of my life serving others and myself meaningfullyto mutually experience sustainable excellence.

Please let me unfold my story, I think it might help you;

At the eleventh year of my corporatelife (year 2000) I stopped and questioned my self;

Who am I?

What experiences would i like to have during my active life?
How could I need to powerfully contribute to this world?
What is growth for me?

Answering the above questions, I never knew at that time, I’m crafting a powerful Vision for my way of being.
Looking back, I have chosen an untravelledpath.i.e Professional Coaching.And “Untravelled Path” in what way? I saw some books about coaching in British council resource centre in Colombo and then my eye met ICF, International Coach Federation the largest credentialing today in the world. With curiosity, I started exploring
What professional coaching is?
How it could help people?

Then creating larger vision, higher than self to be a Professional Coach and to create a community of ICF Credentialed Coach in Sri Lanka.
I knew there is an inherent risk in moving forward along an unknown path and many doubted, at the same time the energy and power I got form the Powerful vision and the support form loved ones and many new friends I met along the way.

I become the first ICF credentialed coach in Sri Lanka in 2012 and today I’m proud to serve my clients as a Professionally Certified Coach, PCC from ICF.

“You start to live when you commit your life to cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on divine power for the fulfillment of a higher calling.”
―Lailah Gifty Akita

Today, we could help you to be a Coach & Mentor to help others to change/transform their lives through our coaching practice and help you to learn and practice the core skills via the Smart Quest Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (Pvt) Ltd.

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