Smart Quest Coaching Offers Coaching Skills Training To  Managers & Leaders

Coaching is “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal & professional potential”
-International Coaching Federation-


Impartial, independent, confidential support for the many challenges you face in life and work by setting and reaching goals through coaching.


With reference to latest research, the top reason for utilizing a coach practitioner or manager/leader using coaching skills is to improve the leadership development strategy. Other factors include increasing employee engagement, communication skills, teamwork and productivity.


Additionally companies are increasingly turning to coaching and mentoring programs in developing human talent. Through coaching an organisation can increase the utility of employees to develop others, while helping more employees reach their full potential.

COACHING CONVERSATION embedded in positive psychology philosophy focuses on WHAT WORKS and let the client to get to the heart of the matter and in a more responsive and mindful manner and to pick the best choice/outcome or the action/s,the behaviour/s or habit/s in the work/life context.

  • Coaching As A Life Skill.
  • Coaching As A Workskill.
  • Coaching As A Leadership Skill.
  • Coaching As Perenting Skill.
  • Coaching As A Faiclitation/Teaching Skill.
  • Coaching Skills For Professionals( Medical Professionals,Lawyers,Academitians,Teachers,Media Professionals, Sales Professionals, Engineers).
  • Coaching Skills For Entrepreneurs.

Our Coaching Offerings:

  • Executive Coaching.
  • Mentor Coaching – 10 sessions – by MCC / PCC Coach
  • Performance Coaching.
  • Action Learning Group Coaching.
  • Life Coaching.
  • Career Transition Coaching.
  • Business Coaching