Aspire Coach Consulting Service

More and more organizations have recognized the value in building a culture of coaching that offers employees at all levels—not just executives and managers— the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals.


But not all coaching is equal. To ensure successful results that go beyond skills training and truly enable the company to increase employee engagement and retention, the organization must develop a comprehensive coaching plan that addresses both current and future needs. The challenge arises not only in determining the types of coaching that will be most impactful, but also in attaining the internal buy-in and support for such a program.

We will provide our consulting for:


  1. Assessment and debriefing of current leadership culture to establish compelling rationale for change and focus leadership development efforts, delineatecultural challenges associate with acquisitions, mergers restructuring plans, correlate leadership to productivity, profits, turnover and other bottom-line matrix.
  2. Provide you with coaching need analysis plan with a consideration to driving leadership pipeline through shifting the culture of transforming every conversation.
  3. Designing of internal coaching framework to support enhance business/work performance on an ongoing basis, through leadership development, employee engagement.
  4. Designing of internal coaching model
  5. Selecting and training of internal coaches.
  6. Overcoming the initial resistance to internal coaching.
  7. Implementation and managing the internal coaching process and supervision.